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The Treatment of the Ingrown Toenail


In this educational program, the curriculum focuses on recognizing diverse presentations, familiarizing individuals with tactile nuances and potential treatments. It covers the use of different tools, including burrs and the ingro-pal in the treatment process and emphasizes proficiency in pain management. Participants will also gain confidence in referring cases beyond their scope to supporting healthcare professionals for comprehensive patient care.

Scalpel Use

Education focusing on comprehensive training including mastering safe application and removal of scalpel blades, the proper technique for holding the scalpel during foot care debridement procedures, and debridement techniques tailored specifically for foot care. Our approach emphasizes an interactive learning experience, where participants not only watch demonstrations but actively engage in hands-on learning. Through this dynamic "watch and learn" and "do and learn" approach, practitioners gain practical skills and confidence in delivering precise and safe foot care practices within their professional scope.

The Treatment of the Fungal Nail


Participants in this educational program will focus on key goals to enhance their expertise in addressing onychomycosis. The curriculum covers identifying various presentations, emphasizing a tool selection, including burrs, and addressing thickened, traumatic nails. The program provides insights into over-the-counter treatment options and offers an overview of the ToeFx Treatment plan. Participants will also learn to develop care plans for clients to implement at home and gain the skills to refer cases beyond their scope to supporting healthcare professionals for comprehensive care.